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Next Open Mic 
Sunday February 26th


Welcome to Warriors Victoria

For Dedicated Musicians around Melbourne

Welcome home Warriors! This site was made just for you. Warriors Victoria is a place to jam, create, share, and inspire. We are a community of musicians and supporters who have come together to share our passion in an incredible environment. If you care as much as we do and want to show your support, come and join us!

What’s Happening?

Feb 26 Open Mic
Guest Band Schedule Announcement
Smokestack Lightning

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Held at the Oak Tree Tavern  

367 Forest Road the Basin

 from 1.00 til 4.00 PM






Open mic
Guest Bands


Interested in taking part in a Weekend Warriors program? Get all the latest information!

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Who are we?


Warriors Victoria was formed in 2004 to provide amateur musicians with the opportunity to pursue their musical interests once they had completed the Weekend Warriors programme.  Originally formed with the interests of Weekend Warrior participants in mind, we now cater for all amateur musicians regardless of age, ability or musical experience. 


The origins and purpose of Warriors Victoria, and the difference between Warriors Victoria and Weekend Warriors, is best described in this excerpt from the first newsletter of Warriors Victoria published in February 2004:


‘Warriors Victoria – Who are we?


Do you know the similarities between Weekend Warriors and Warriors Victoria?


The Weekend Warriors programme arrived in Brisbane in 2002 after enjoying a 10-year success in the United States and Canada.  In 2003 the programme was started in Melbourne.


The original Weekend Warrior organizers recognized that there are many people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who used to play music and had rock star dreams when they were young but gave up due to family and career.  It was also noticed that many of these people were returning to buy musical instruments in their +30’s.


These “bedroom musicians” were then recruited, formed into bands with other similar musicians that they had previously never met, rehearsed over a 4-week period with a professional coach and then put on stage in a concert.  The focus of the Weekend Warrior programme being to get people back out playing music again and enjoying themselves.


Warriors Victoria is an extension of the ideals of the Weekend Warrior programme.  While being distinct and separate from Weekend Warriors, Warriors Victoria hopes to encourage the continuing enjoyment and development of members as musicians…….’


Warriors Victoria nowadays is open to all-comers, and participation in the Weekend Warriors programme is not a prerequisite to join.  If the idea of having a jam, networking or joining a band appeals to you, or even if you just want to check things out, rock up to an open mic.  Speak to a committee member/organizer when you arrive and you’ll be given a warm welcome and a spot on stage if desired.  Full backline and drums are provided, but BYO guitar, bass, keyboard, drum sticks etc.


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